As a photographer, I am most interested in geometric, abstract shapes. 

I strive to detect the shapes and capture the regularities that every building has to offer. I am fascinated by the fact that a camera translates three-dimensional form and space into a two-dimensional image, as this inevitably creates a layer of deformation. By seeking the perspective of an architect I take the shapes I capture with my camera and transform them into 3D models. Creating new combinations of shapes and forms allows me to craft new sceneries and geometric relationships and re-invent the regularities I detected through my lens. The colours I use are inspired by the city where the original photograph was taken. They add to my work by supporting spatial perception and by connecting the original photo with the final piece of work. Constructing three-dimensional models from two-dimensional images and then retransforming them into a photo lies at the center of my work and allows me to discover new angles on spatial perception.  


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