"Lewis and Harris" Photo Book

Lewis and Harris make up the largest part the Outer Hebrides, the Archipel which is located in the Atlantic around 60km north west of the shores of Scotland. The ocean, cold as ice, presents itself in all shades of blue, reaching from a light blue to a royal blue then an hysterical cyan which fades into a grey blue while its white froth drapes itself around the rocky coastline. The ceaseless roaring of the wind covers the landscape like a blanket. Trees and bushes are a rare find but, surprisingly, the odd palm tree pops up now and again in some of the front yards across the island. Vegetation is limited on the Outer Hebrides as peat, moors and the naked, black, shimmering red rocks take centre stage on this barren land.

Alongside the capital city of Stornaway, hamlets and little courtyards are found scattered across the island. The characteristic monotonous architecture made up of sandy brown and grey waterproof concrete is functional not designer based. On occasion though, a bright yellow or red rooftop will peek out from the mossy brown landscape.

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In our photo book “Lewis and Harris” we, Vianca Reinig and Philipp Schmidt, focus on that exact landscape and the surroundings of the Outer Hebrides. In a series of landscape photographs you will get an insight into the ancient, rough beauty of the landscape with its organic shapes and colours. Complementing these is a selection of architectural photographs concentrating on the functional elements of the surroundings which are made and used by the people who call these archaic surroundings their home.

The photographs are in chronological order without gaps and ending in on the mid line of each page, the next merging over the bind to complete the next page. There are no breaks. Colour, light and landscape change rapidly, almost resembling a movie. By constantly altering the perspectives, from wide distance landscape shots to focus on small details, it mirrors how one experiences these landscapes whilst travelling. Occasionally some photographs are rotated against the horizon or cut off to emphasize the dynamic movement.

The observer is taken on a journey, moving across the county along with the book.

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  • book format: 18,2 x 25.2 cm
  • hardcover
  • 120 pages
  • 104 colour photographs
  • bound with a thread stichting
  • paper: 150g/m
  • Language = English
  • publisher: KERBER Verlag
  • price: 30 € (+ shipping)
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